Wednesday, June 14, 2006


It turns out that Daryl Hannah isn't homeless! All this time I thought she was living in a tree, hard up for cash, "crazy-ladied" out -- you know, being partly responsible for "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman" could push anyone over the edge. It turns out she was camped out in a tree, along with folk singer Joan Baez, to protest the demolition of Los Angeles South Central Urban Garden.

Hannah was arrested on Tuesday for violating a court order and obstructing two sherriffs who were there to enforce the order. She had spent the last three weeks in a walnut tree on the garden property with 25 other protesters who also were arrested. When asked for comment, she said,
This farm should be a model for sustainable urban agriculture. It needs to be replicated, not eradicated... I'm not thrilled about [being in jail], but I felt it was important to sustain my commitment.
Good for you, Daryl! One minor point, though -- I read in the paper last week that all it would take to salvage this "urban paradise" was a little money. In theory, a big, rich important celebrity could buy the property and then give it right back to the LASCUG. Voila! -- "sustainable urban agriculture" is preserved indefinitely. It appears that Daryl would rather be percieved as an activist than actually save something. And that is why I hope some super butch jail lesbians find a "lesbian-way" of raping her and then take turns carving their initials in her skin with a rusty old pocket knife. Poser.


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