Monday, June 26, 2006


Page Six is reporting that Britney Spears was completely dumbfounded by the reaction to last week's Dateline interview with Matt Lauer (87 percent of people polled in Us Weekly had less respect for Spears after the chat).

Considering Britney did her OWN hair and makeup for the interview, and festooned herself in see-through "maternity clothes" sans the help of a stylist, I can't imagine how the public found her less appealing than before. She just looked so classy and refined! Like a blonde Audrey Hepburn, you know? Or maybe more like that "Miss True Value Hardware Gunnersville" I saw behind the Dairy Queen when we drove through Alabama. Who, coincidently, was also pregnant, come to think of it!

Page Six continues
So [Britney] attempted damage control. Spears had a photographer take pretty pictures of her - this time with professional hair, makeup and wardrobe. And despite tearfully begging for privacy, saying she hates media attention, and calling the celebrity weeklies "trash" in the interview, Spears then tried to sell the photos and an "exclusive" interview to those same trashy weeklies for $200,000. There were no takers. OK! finally bought the shots and the interview for a measly $5,000. A rep for the magazine declined comment but did say, "Who doesn't love a discount?" Spears' rep didn't return calls.

At this point, I'd say even "Miss True Value Hardware -- Gunnersville, Alabama" is a long shot for Britney. And by "long shot" I mean "completely fucking unattainable, you big fat fatty."


Blogger jane's eyre said...

Give it up, Brit! Everyone knows you're pathetic trailer trash. Doing Glamour Shots down at the local mall isn't going to help.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Zanna said...

hey, spanky....I'm putting your link on the tranny/zanna blog today....thanks!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

SHe is nothing but a fat fuck.

10:06 PM  
Blogger nursepatty54 said...

It's Guntersville AL
And I'm not real sure she could be Miss Guntersville
with that gum chewing and all

9:47 PM  

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