Sunday, June 11, 2006


I've concluded that over-the-top spastic ADD-types are inexplicably drawn to each other, like a moth to a flame, or Whitney Houston to crackhouse. Jim Carrey is believed to be "getting serious" with former Playboy model-turned-author Jenny McCarthy. "They are very happy," reveals a source for People magazine.

Truly a match made in heaven. They can take turns farting and making their asses talk, and then constantly interrupt each other while she crosses her eyes and sticks out her tongue (the "Singled Out Classic") and Jim makes the "Fire Marshal Bill" face. I imagine double-dating with Jim and Jenny to be like stumbling upon a class of unsupervised mentally challenged five year-olds. Only the five year-olds would have less of an ego and not make me want to kill myself.


Anonymous Merelon said...

Jim Carrey at his best. this was a good movie indeed

12:13 PM  

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