Sunday, June 11, 2006


Everyone's favorite British philanderer, Hugh Grant, has finally proposed to long-time girlfriend Jemima Khan.

So says this week's issue of People magazine, and they reveal that Hugh may have actually popped the question six months ago, while the couple vacationed in Barbados. Richard Kay of Britain's Daily Mail adds, "It's one of the best-kept secrets in the celebrity world." Indeed.

Conversely, I'd have to say that "getting a blowjob from a strung-out hooker" is one of those "NOT-so-best kept secrets" in the celebrity world. I'd also like to add that it is remarkably easy to keep secrets from the paparazzi if nobody gives a flying fuck about you. OR your new girlfriend, for that matter. What the hell kinda name is Jemima Kahn, anyway? I could see "Jemima" being an appropriate moniker for a robust plantation worker, or maybe for a cleverly bottled brand of syrup, but for a rich, beautiful socialite? Please.


Blogger LadyJane said...

Hey sweetcheeks, good to see someone is doing something about the you-know-who's. However, this posting dealie is more of a pain in the ass to use.... We need a private chatroom link too....

Oh, and if I was walking by this jackass on the street, I'd be hard pressed not to stick my foot out and trip the motherfucker.

6:11 PM  

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