Saturday, August 12, 2006


Attention all loyal spankees: SPANK CHEEKS is currently under construction, so every time you stop by for a celebrity spanking, my site may look a little different. It's not some kinda Charles Manson head game -- I'm preparing now for the onslaught of readers who will inevitably become my faithful minions. Soon, the world will be mine! I can finally get a little use out of that underground lair I bought last year.


Blogger Walrus Gumboot said...

Yes thy Royal Eminence!
I bow before you and kiss your feet!
Strangely, I enjoy it! I gently cradle you foot in my hands and rub it against my cheek...

Hey wait a minute, that's how (one of) my favorite pornos starts out!!!

Get ready for the masses. They are lined up at the gates, raring to get in!

Not ninj
not even Hopeless_
Just the Eggman (goo goo g'joob)

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous ninja's grandma said...

I keep teenaged girls in my lair... the more the merrier.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous ninja's granma said...

Twzzlrgirl, Lady Jane, Showgirl, you're all invited to my lair. Just bring some Astroglide and breathmints and we're good to go.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks good

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Zanna said...

Lookin' good, girl! I love the new look!

5:25 PM  

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