Saturday, September 30, 2006


Just when you thought she couldn’t possibly be as stupid as she looks, Paris Hilton says she thinks Haiti is in France. (hollywood rag)

Beyonce has the best ass in Hollywood….or does she? (idlyitw)

Take your pants off and salute, boys! Jessica Simpson shows her camel toe while singing God Bless America. (youtube)

For a guy whose only gig lately has been keeping up appearances, you’d think Tom Cruise wouldn’t go out without his lifts. (cityrag)

If there is a God in Heaven, I may still be able to break out my tube top and celebratory bag of pork rinds. Britney Spears’ new son MAY NOT be named Sutton Preston after all. (celebitchy)

Jenny McCarthy says sex with Jim Carrey is spiritual. All I have to say is, if “spiritual” is the new "fucked up", then feel free to call me Gandhi. (junkiness)


Anonymous Dragulf said...

Franco, ya fucking bastard, we do not want your get rich quick schemes here. Get a life ya damn loser.

Nice, a saturday post from Zanna. Welcome back hun!

9:37 PM  

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