Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Janet Jackson’s album is sucking hard world-wide at the current moment. I can’t decide if it’s going down like the Hindenburg or sinking faster than the Titanic. Either way, it’s not good. According to Oxygen Chunks:

OK boys and girls its official... Janets album is a worldwide FLOP!! She failed to sell in major worldwide markets the UK, Germany, Australia and Ireland - 2 of which are the biggest markets in the world.(2/3 of the worlds music sales are from outside of the US!) Here are the chart positons for those countires in the first week as of October 1st 2006....

UK - # 63 (3K SOLD ) Ironically this is just one place higher than Justin Timberlakes reentry at #64 with his 2002 album Justified!!!!
AUSTRALIA - failed to chart in top 50 albums (no chart position given as sales less than 1000 copies)
IRELAND - failed to chart in top 100 no position given(sales of less than 750 copies)
Netherlands - #34 (roughly sales of 5000 copies)

Her furious promo blitz of the US and the Oprah effect have yet to prove their effectiveness...Will the US sales save her?? Currently she is set to be at number 2 behind Ludacris with sales in the low 300k.... not the million her fans had predicted! POOR JANET!!
Eh, whatever. There are times when we ALL have to move on from something is not working anymore. That's why I gave up stalking George Clooney. Kind of. Anyway, all Iknow is I can’t stop looking at her crypt-keeper arm in that picture. Can't……stop……looking……


Blogger Italian Stallion said...

Is this supposed to be shocking news? Cause it's not, the bitch jumped the shark.............

5:00 PM  
Blogger Zanna said...

Did you click on the picture and look at the arm? That's mostly the whole point.

5:36 PM  

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