Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were banned from attending the world premier of Crowne Royale in London. PR-inside reports:
The supermodel and her drug addict fiancé were desperate to attend Tuesday night's (14.11.06) premiere, in London, to see new 007 Daniel Craig strut his stuff as the suave spy. However, the couple were told they could not go by organisers, who deemed they were not suitable guests to share the red carpet with the monarch.

A source told Britain's Closer magazine: "Pete was desperate to go with Kate. She's a fan of the films and was planning a special outfit to wear. But the organisers didn't want them mixing with royalty on the red carpet – it's a classy event and they were not considered right for the occasion. They're gutted."

Kate, 32, dated Bond actor Daniel for a short time in 2004 but their romance quickly fizzled out.Among the stars who were allowed to attend the glitzy event were Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, Sharon Osbourne and new Bond girl Eva Green.
Ha! Well, even though they didn’t get to attend the event..I’m pretty sure they were well fed…because they just had a huge serving of humble pie shoved down their throats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Blog, which I just came upon a couple of nights ago, is great.

Thanks! I will be a regular reader now.

Pete M., New York, New York

8:25 PM  
Blogger Italian Stallion said...

Kate Moss looks horrible there.

Hey Pete, what were you looking for that you 'came upon' Spankcheeks is what I'm wondering. Gets lonely in New York, New York, huh?.......LOL

Just kidding, Zanna is hilarious, stick around......

9:25 PM  
Blogger Zanna said...

*elbows stallion in the ribs*

New York is the city that never sleeps, baby! Plus, when you google hot funny chics my name comes up. Thanks, Pete...I appreciate the kind words. :)

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm...Ummm...what was I looking for again...Ummm....Ummm...No comment.


Pete M., New York, New York

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Italian and Zanna!


Actually I wasn't looking for porn but will freely admit that I am "member" of certain "clubs" on the internet.

My mother, who is an older lady with a penchant for gossip (not that I disdain it) was speaking to me about some gossip topic and I looked on the internet for her (she has no computer and doesn't know how to use one so I am her gossip proxy) and, whatever the search was for, this was in the top 5 pages it hit ( and I bookmarked it because I thought it was funny and very well done and then I realized it wasn't the front page and Voila! I found my way here.

I think it had something to do with Britney Spears husband and a hotdog - Yes, that is not me being crazy - but I can't remember if it was that one or not and she asks me to look into lots of things.

It is really very funny because sometimes I know things (gossip-wise) and have NO IDEA how I know them or where I got it from. The only regular thing I check is Page 6 of the NY Post.

Have a great night!

Pete M., New York, New York

11:20 PM  

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