Saturday, December 02, 2006


Jack Nicholson says shaving is for pussies. (bwe)

I just got sucked into a timewarp. Best. Looney Toon. Ever. (cityrag)

She wasn’t wasted, she was just tired. Ok. Then explain the hat. (popsugar)

Beyonce’s video for “Listen”. Check it out (the bosh)

Kramer’s apology tour is pulling into the station (defamer)

Like a lot of my friends, AA is a place you go before you go to the bar. It makes you feel like you’re trying. (the bastardly)

That lawyer keeps taunting us with his crazy “I can tell you but I can’t tell you puzzles” (crazy days and nights)

Excellent commentary on the whole Perez Hilton getting sued thing (the evil beet)

Ha ha ha ha….Letterman totally sets up Richard Simmons and his stupid steamer (celebitchy)

Kramer to pay up and apologize to his “victims”. (dlisted)

Fergie looks like ass for a reason (hollywood tuna)

Hillary Swank’s Pirelli pics are just okay (egotistic)

Nicole Kidman makes an assload of money (idlyitw)

Vogue vehemently denies photoshopping Kate Winslet. Then all I have to say is wow (faded youth)


Blogger Walrus Gumboot said...

David Letterman is THE man!

I'm behind Jack 100% on that shaving bullshit. I shave once a week cuz I have a lifestyle that allows me that comfort!

I want Christina Aguilera to wrap those big red lips around my johnson, and keep them there!

Isn't Kate Winslet from "acrossed the pond"?

Fergie and Carmen Electra have manly faces!
I wouldn't kick either one of them out of bed for eating crackers though!!

1:28 PM  
Blogger oshkoshb-goshdammgosh said...

Gumboot, either you watch a lot of 3 Stooges/ Daffy Duck cartoons to get all this 1930's terminology, or you are 85 years old.

I have decided it is probably both.

The penis mightier than the sword.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Walrus Gumboot said...

Oshy, I agree that the penis is mightier than the sword... but the vagina is mighter than the penis!

12:13 AM  
Blogger oshkoshb-goshdammgosh said...

The vagina has powers the likes of which could destroy mankind if they fell into the wrong hands. Or, at least my vagina does.

3:30 PM  

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